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Revelling in earthen tones


Ask anyone who has lived through the sixties and seventies what different shades of brown means to them and you’d be surprised at the answer; especially at the broad similarity of their responses. Anyone who has lived through the times of a lesser concrete world would be able to relate to the warm hues as ‘home,’ anything that is comfortable and close to their hearts.

Brown is one shade that is available almost anywhere, from the pathways we walk on to the walls of our homes. “Browns always make me feel safe and comfortable,” said Fatema Zohra, an avid fan of Aranya Bangladesh, a sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle brand in the city, chockfull of handcrafted wardrobe in earthy hues.

Brick red, terracotta, moss, indigo are such colours that can be worn anytime of the year, including summer, spring, fall and even winter. “These are my favourite colours, alongside the usual black and white of course,” said Lamisa Rahman, a college-going and self-proclaimed fashionista.

Earthy tones can effortlessly transition between being subtle and fabulous, or even both at the same time. Imagine a random girl wearing an indigo blazer over a saffron midi, it’d be as if the brightest and coolest being on earth was right there parading in front of you. And the only thing that can top earthy tones is a patchwork in similar hues.

The current favourite in Bangladesh seems to be different shades of madder red, indigo and moss, because the streets are made more vibrant with people carrying these colours in style. Earthy tones are neutral shades that can be attributed to both the genders and since these colours suit all the seasons, they also look exceptional on both the genders.

She may be wearing her favourite sunflower yellow, and there’s no reason why he cannot match her equally with his panjabi in chestnut brown. Colours like these resemble all the good things in life from coffee to vacationing, tans, and summer fun.

Earthy tones look sophisticated, whichever way you want to wear it, be it western, Asian fusion or purely traditional. If it’s earthy, it is judged  classy, even while people may be commenting about the loud and the bold. While we personally take no sides, we agree with the popularity of the earthy tones outshine the bold and the bright.

Maybe it’s because most people want to feel warm, comfortable and natural when they wear their clothes. Whatever the case maybe, there’s one thing that is certain: earthy colours are a mainstay of fashion!

While trends come and go, this particular style  stays put and reigns wardrobes all throughout the year – all throughout the seasons – all throughout the mood swings.

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